‘Money Miss Road’ Director Obi Emelonye Teases Fans With First Look at the Movie.

“Money Miss Road,” the new film from Nigerian director Obi Emelonye, has debuted its first image.

‘Living in Bondage: Breaking Free’ star Jidekene Achufusi and ‘Living in Bondage: Breaking Free’ star Jidekene Achufusi are the stars of the Joy Odiete-produced film, which also features veteran actor Charley Boy Oputa.

According to Obi Emelonye’s script, the tale of two down-on-their-luck friends, Josiah and Joseph, who live together in a run-down section of Gwagwalada, Abuja, is told in “Money Miss Road,” which is written by Obi Emelonye.

Oddly enough, Joseph (Charley Boy) ends up in the room of the local criminal Lord Diokpa (Oma Iyasara) when his wife Lucy and their three daughters arrive unexpectedly.

While in Diokpa’s room, Joseph and his friend Josiah find something that completely changes their lives, and Diokpa goes on the hunt for them all the way to Lagos, where they have grown up to be some of the biggest lads around.

The film, previously titled ‘Hunt’ (working title), began production and primary photography in November 2021 in Abuja. The director had shared behind-the-scenes photos (BTS) during the same month.

Odinaka Emmanuel Offia serves as executive producer for Blue Pictures and Joy Odiete serves as producer for the film.

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