Erica Nlewedim Reacts To Video Of People Celebrating When She Was Evicted From The Big Brother Naija House

For the first time, Erica Nlewedim has reacted to footage of people celebrating when she was evicted from the Big Brother Naija house.

Months after some fans of the reality show came together to celebrate the night, Erica was evicted (watch here), the reality star appears to have just seen the video and she expressed surprise on Twitter that people were celebrating what seemed like her downfall.

“Wow, they threw a party?” she wrote.

She added: “Only a star will bring such strong emotions from people, you’ll feel my presence before you even see me physically. I’m covered by the blood of Jesus Christ! Evil can’t touch me!

“Erica Nlewedim won, get used to it. And I will keep winning cos my God is bigger than your devil. Throw another party on 9th June. I even unblocked the haters cos you need to see me win! You’ll be playing your cry soundtrack at your next party, with only tissue on the menu.”

See the tweets below.

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